7 Sounds of Summer That Can Affect Hearing

All winter we dream of summer, often forgetting that it is loud. For those with difficulty hearing, summer’s din can present challenges and, in some instances, even worsen hearing loss. Whether you are already struggling to hear in noisy environments, or are conscious of protecting yourself from further hearing loss, we’ve put together a list of 7 sounds of summer that can affect your hearing. 

1)    Lawnmowers & Weed Wackers

One of the signature sounds of summer is the drone of lawnmowers and weed wackers. Registering at 95-100 dB, prolonged exposure to their noise can damage hearing. It’s important to wear ear coverings if you are using these machines, but even if you’ve hired landscapers to keep your yard in order, consider staying inside and away from the racket when they are working onsite. 

2)    The Beach

We like to think of the beach as a calm and relaxing place, but between the crashing waves, squawking sea gulls and shouting children, the beach is pretty loud. Laying your towel closer to the top of the beach and away from large families and those with radios will alleviate some of the noise.  

3)    Loud Music

Summer concerts and festivals are one of the best ways to kick back and listen to music, but the crowds can make it hard to hear during breaks. And even if you are not looking for loud music, it will find you at waterfront restaurants and bars. 

4)    Motorcycles & Convertibles

Wind in your hair, radio turned up…summer is made for hitting the open road, but your hearing can also take a hit. Ear coverings and helmets are essential for protecting your hearing from dangerous noise levels.

5)    Parties

Pool parties, cocktail parties, weddings—summer is full of celebratory gatherings. Finding quiet corners for conversation or planning to seat yourself outside the fray can help make joyous occasions more fully enjoyable.  

6)    Boat Engines

There’s nothing better than being out on the water on a hot, humid day, unless you find yourself next to the roaring engine. Lengthy exposure to engine noise can damage hearing, but it also makes conversation nearly impossible. Make sure to stay away from the engine and, if you’re the captain, stick to lower speeds in order to avoid both inconvenient and dangerous noise levels. 

7)    Planes

Whether you are off to Tuscany or the Great Lakes, summer is high time for travel. For those with difficulty hearing, though, planes present particular challenges. The noisiest parts of the plane are next to and behind the engine, as well as near exit doors, so choose your seats carefully. 

Planning ahead will allow you to enjoy summer occasions without being caught off-guard by the noise. Make sure to bring protective ear coverings for encounters with dangerous noise levels. Those who already have a hard time hearing might want to remember to bring their hearing aids or pack their Noopl so they can still enjoy summer fun without a struggle.

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