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Amplified Living: Hear and Live a Vibrant, Healthy Life

Our senses are a complex network of tools with which we perceive and participate in the world. When hearing diminishes, the effort to hear and participate in conversation tends to dominate and dull the other senses, which prevents our full participation in and enjoyment of our jobs, friends and hobbies. With the right tools and information, though, amplified living is in reach, and we at Noopl want to help those struggling with hearing loss achieve it.

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, 48 million Americans currently have some form of hearing loss and 50 million Americans experience tinnitus (a continuous ringing in the ears). An estimated 22 million Americans work in loud environments that can impact their hearing and, subsequently, their quality of life.

Those with hearing loss tend to retreat from social life and even to isolate themselves, which deeply impacts their relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Now that many of us are living longer, healthier lives, hearing loss has become prevalent enough that world governments are taking action by funding subsidies and grants to prevent and manage it. Private enterprises are rapidly developing technologies to mitigate challenges for the hard-of-hearing, so there’s no reason to go it alone.

At Noopl, we work every day with the real purpose to help those with hearing loss re-engage with the world and live the amplified lives they used to. Toward that end (drumroll, please!), we are thrilled to introduce Amplified Living, our ongoing series of tips, tools and information about living and thriving with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Among other hearing-related tidbits, you will find:

  • Relevant, news and information on hearing health
  • Resources and advice for family members of those experiencing hearing loss
  • Stories of day-to-day living with hearing loss and hearing challenges
  • A little humor, because when you can laugh, you win
  • Lists of things we love that we simply can’t keep to ourselves
  • Information on how to support research and organizations working to improve hearing health

Most of all, we are very excited to share news, updates and information on Noopl, our iPhone-enabled hearing device that’ll get you pulled back up to the table at meetings, meals, and social gatherings. Now and then we’ll share testimonies about how Noopl has positively impacted our customers’ experience and allowed them to get back to the business of living fully amplified lives.

So, welcome to Amplified Living! We hope to see you here often and also invite you to connect and share your stories and anything that feels meaningful to you or someone near you through our social media.

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