AirPods Pro Separation Alerts

Apple Adds AirPods Pro Separation Alerts

While the rapid evolution of smartphone technology is broadening our experience to an incredible degree, one downside is that leaving your device or earbuds behind can really upend your day. Many people are now relying on AirPods Pro to deliver their news and entertainment, conduct meetings, and hear clearly in loud environments with the assistance of Noopl. Fortunately, losing or forgetting your Apple accessories is now a lot less likely, since, with its October 2021 firmware update, Apple has added a separation alert for AirPods Pro in its FIND MY feature.

Before enabling FIND MY, you need to add your home address to your contact card, since the feature automatically recognizes your home as a “trusted location.” You want to be alerted when you leave your AirPods Pro in a conference room or restaurant, not in your own kitchen. You will also need to update your firmware.

Updating Your AirPods Pro Firmware

In order to update, you need AirPods Pro firmware 4A400 or later, which you can confirm with the following steps:

  1. Connect your AirPods Pro to your iOS device
  2. Open SETTINGS
  3. Select GENERAL
  4. Select ABOUT
  5. Select AirPods
  6. Find your Firmware Version number

Next, after fully charging your AirPods Pro case, put your AirPods Pro inside and connect it to a power source with the Lightning cable. Making sure that it is connected to the internet, move the device that your AirPods Pro are paired with near the case. Any available software updates should automatically begin downloading.

Enabling Separation Alerts for Your AirPods Pro

Once you’ve updated firmware:

  1. Open the MY FIND app on your device
  2. Select DEVICES, then select “AirPods Pro” in the list
  4. Use the toggle to switch on NOTIFY WHEN LEFT BEHIND
  5. Under “Notify Me, Except At” select NEW LOCATION
  6. On the “Add Location” screen, search or enter the address of any “Trusted Locations” (e.g., your office or parents’ house) where don’t want to receive alerts
  7. Enter any more “Trusted Locations” you want to set, then click DONE

IMG_0030        IMG_0031


IMG_0032        IMG_0033-1

Voilà! You will now receive an alert any time you leave your AirPods Pro behind. And if you keep them in your Noopl carrying case, you will find your Noopl as well.

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