AirPods Pro Service Program

Apple Expands AirPods Pro Service Program

Since so many of our customers use Noopl with AirPods Pro, it was music to our ears to learn that Apple has expanded its service program to address faulty performance in a small percentage of AirPods Pro models manufactured prior to October 2020. It seems that some AirPods Pro users experience rattling, popping or static-y noises when Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency Mode are used. The problem is generally not evident at first but emerges over time, most noticeably in loud environments or when there is any kind of vibration present.

Initially, Apple’s free repair offer only applied within two years of purchase, but the company has extended the period of service to three years after purchase date. Note that only AirPods Pro are eligible.

Those who are having problems with applicable AirPods Pro in either the left, right or both units can take them to an Apple store or authorized service provider to have them serviced free of charge. If you are not certain of the purchase date, the service provider will first examine the unit to determine if it’s eligible for free repair.

Meanwhile, rumors are flying that Apple has imminent plans to introduce its next generation of AirPods Pro, so if you don’t yet have a pair or are in the market for a new one, you won’t have to wait long! Keep an eye on our Amplified Living blog for announcements and details as they come in.

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