Arthur E. Benjamin’s Noopl Story

We love when our customers give us feedback, and we recently had the opportunity to talk with enthusiastic Noopl user Arthur E. Benjamin to find out what makes Noopl a lifesaver in his daily life. “I try a lot of technical devices because I run several companies that produce things like this,” he says, “and I want to see what’s out there—where there’s a moneyback guarantee it’s worth trying—and this is the only one that I wouldn’t think of returning.”


Arthur is a busy and wide-reaching entrepreneur and philanthropist who spends a lot of time at board meetings and working dinners. His hearing loss previously made conversation difficult in large groups and noisy environments. Then he tried out Noopl with his AirPods Pro, at a recent dinner, in an extremely noisy restaurant and was blown away by its performance.

He says,

I was in a restaurant where the decibel level as measured by my Apple Watch was between 90 and 110 decibels and nobody at the table could hear anybody else at the table. They kept saying, “Could you repeat that?” I was wearing the Noopl [and] I heard every word that everybody said at the table…It’s a great restaurant and it’s an “in” place, but the noise level, with their loud music on top of the crowd was just an impossible hearing situation and Noopl performed 100% the way it’s supposed to perform.


Arthur emphasizes that Noopl is designed specifically for hearing speech. He tried it with his TV and confirmed it didn’t work very well. And even though he has MFi hearing aids, he uses his Noopl with AirPods Pro because his hearing aids have open domes. Noopl works perfectly with closed-dome MFi hearing aids to focus on individual voices in noisy environments, but customers with open-dome MFi hearing aids (which purposely let some surrounding noise in) will want to use Noopl with AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro.

Arthur also lauded Noopl’s customer service, which is manned by our tech expert Paul Burchfield. Paul walked him step-by-step through the easy Noopl set-up and answered all of Arthur’s questions about when and where Noopl would work for him. Arthur even jokingly asked us to confirm that Paul is a real person, saying,

[At first] I was sure that he was AI technology because every question he answers is absolutely right on, but it’s detailed—like it’s out of some encyclopedia of information on this product. He’s an incredible person...he’s amazing. He absolutely cares, he absolutely wants you to understand how to [use Noopl]!


Arthur wraps up by saying, “Five stars is what I give it. Five out of five stars…I don’t do this for many companies because of my position, but I’m happy to do this for Noopl because it’s such a great device.”

Arthur E Benjamin


We are grateful to Arthur for sharing his story. Find out more about him and his philanthropic work at his website. For any questions about how Noopl works and whether it might be right for you, contact our head of customer service Paul Burchfield on our Help Center page.

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