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Looking Back at a Big Year for Noopl

As 2021 winds down, we are reflecting on the whirlwind of our inaugural year. Rather, our inaugural eight months—it’s hard to believe, but we only launched in May! In spite of our tender age, we have learned and grown a lot in our short time on the hearing technology market. Before we resume looking ahead to what’s next, we want to take a moment to share some of our proudest accomplishments to date with our Noopl users and friends.

Noopl’s Birth Story

The story of Noopl began a few years ago when medical tech entrepreneur Steven Verndooner noticed that at noisy restaurants his father took out his hearing aids in order to better keep up with the conversation. Determined to create a device that cuts through ambient noise to focus on individual speaking voices, Steve brought in audiology and hearing sciences expert Tim Trine as CEO of the fledgling company Noopl.

By 2021 they had developed an affordable iPhone plug-in device that works with AirPods Pro, Beats Fit Pro, and MFi hearing aids to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss communicate with friends, family and colleagues in noisy environments, such as social gatherings and restaurants. With a great team on board, including our much-celebrated head of customer service, Paul Burchfield, Noopl 1.0 launched in May, 2021.

Customer-Led Updates + Noopl 2.0

Only a few months later, in mid-summer, we launched Noopl 2.0 in response to early customer feedback and requests, and sent the new version for free to all existing Noopl users. The new USB version of the device offers the same technology as its rollout version, but with refinements that include higher fidelity sound at a wide range of audible frequencies; better noise reduction; bass and treble controls; and USB connection for compatibility with a wider range of phone cases and iOS devices. As early Noopl user Chuck R. wrote, “I had one of the first Noopls. The latest version lives up to the hype…wonderfully so. This is one of my 2021 favorite purchases Thank you for making such a valuable tool available.

Glowing Feedback

Customers are consistently impressed by Noopl’s superior performance, as well as by Paul Burchfield’s personal and congenial assistance, and they regularly leave reviews on our website. Martha B. writes, “Very pleased with my Noopl 2.0. Has made a very happy change in my life to be able to hear more. Sometimes I just cannot believe the difference.” Some enthusiastic users a have begun sharing their stories of how Noopl allowed them maintain better connections with friends and colleagues. Take a look at recent Noopl stories from Skip Gregory, Vern Seward, and Arthur Benjamin.

Industry Awards

While our customers’ positive reviews are most important to us, we are also delighted by the widespread industry recognition we have received since our launch. Hearing tech journalists at Forbes, Newsweek, TechHive and numerous other industry outlets have given Noopl fantastic reviews. Additionally, we’ve been recognized with several industry awards, including Newsweek’s Best of CES, Best Startup from Tom's Guide, and both Best Personal Listening Device and the overall Innovator of the Year at the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards.

Looking Ahead to 2022

Building on the amazing traction of our first eight months, we look forward to many more exciting Noopl developments to come.

We are proud of our position as technology and thought leaders in the hearing space, and endlessly grateful to our early adopters for the feedback that allowed us to refine and optimize our product. We hope you’ll sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our Amplified Living blog, where we keep you up to date on Noopl announcements and developments.

In the meantime, thank you for your support, and a very happy New Year to you and yours from Noopl.

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