Noopl + AirPods Pro On Sale

We were already pretty excited about our Black Friday sale when we just learned that AirPods Pro are also on sale at the Apple store on Amazon. With $70 off Noopl and a pretty unbelievable price of $159 for AirPods Pro (regular retail $249), you can score an award-winning hearing-enhancement set-up for only $338.*

(*Note: we've watched the price go up and down a bit in the last few days, but this is the best price we've seen!)

Hearing loss is becoming much more common and at younger ages, which leaves a lot of younger people with mild to moderate hearing loss who aren’t yet ready for hearing aids struggling to hear at work and with friends. Noopl plugs into an iPhone and works with AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro to reduce noise and focus on individual voices as the user turns their head. Since many people already rely heavily on earbuds to listen to music and media and to conduct work transactions, Noopl is a lot less visually conspicuous than hearing aids, which alleviates self-consciousness for people who aren’t yet ready to commit to them.


Noopl also works with MFi hearing aids as an extra layer of hearing assistance for noisy environments. Counterintuitively, people with hearing aids tend to turn them off in restaurants and other noisy or crowded places because they increase all noise and make conversation even more difficult.

Our customers tell us over and over again what a difference Noopl has made in their lives:

Martha B. writes:

Very, Very pleased with my Noopl 2.0.
Has made a Very Happy change in my life to be able to hear more. Sometimes I just cannot believe the difference.
Thank you so much for helping me and others that have problems with hearing.
There are not words to describe my feelings.

And Chuck says,

I had one of the first Noopls. The latest [USB] version lives up to the hype…wonderfully so. This is one of my 2021 favorite purchases. Thank you for making such a valuable tool available.

Noopl + AirPods Pro makes a thoughtful and life-changing gift for either yourself or a loved one who struggles to hear in noisy situations. Since the holidays present numerous occasions for celebration, it will prove an invaluable tool at the parties and dinners leading up to the New Year, as well as at the year-round gatherings and celebrations to follow.

To take advantage of this amazing combined offer, don’t forget to shop before MONDAY (click "Add both to my Cart" to purchase both Noopl + AirPods Pro at the discounted price).


Shop now and experience how Noopl lets you hear clearly in noisy environments  for a better connection with those around you.

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