Noopl Gets a Resounding “Yes!” from Matthew Allsop

We at Team Noopl are pleased and honored to receive an enthusiastic review from Matthew Allsop on behalf of HearingTracker. Allsop is an experienced audiologist and audio tech product reviewer with a large YouTube following, so we are pretty excited to have earned his thumbs-up. After describing to his audience what Noopl is and does, he cuts to the chase: "So, the big question is, does it work? Yes!" 

As Allsop explains, Noopl is designed to reduce background noise in loud environments such as restaurants and airports, so that those with hearing loss can focus on the conversations they want to hear. While traditional hearing aids amplify all sound, which makes it difficult to hear and participate in conversations in noisy places, Noopl’s array of microphones is able to clarify and sharpen individual voices. Allsop puts the device to the test in a restaurant and grocery store, and concludes that Noopl does a good job of cutting out background noise, and at a very attractive price point. Whereas competing products can cost thousands of dollars, Noopl cleverly employs the existing technologies of iPhone and Air Pods Pro, and only costs $249.

A big takeaway of Allsop’s review is how easy Noopl is to use. “The app itself is pretty intuitive,” he says, then explains how it easily allows users to manually adjust the width and bass/treble balance of the listening beam to their preferences, or else in order to use Noopl with MFi hearing aids, which it’s also designed to do. Otherwise, you just pop it onto your iPhone, put on your Air Pods Pro, and are good to go. The device even recognizes whether it’s in your hand or on a table and adjusts its performance accordingly.

“In summary,” he says, “I think this is a great product for somebody who’s interested in hearing better in background noise, but not quite ready for hearing aids.” We are very excited at the buzz around Noopl’s initial launch, and will be introducing an Android version this winter. We hope you’ll check out Matthew Allsop’s review and can’t wait to get Noopl into the hands of more users.


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