Hearing News & Technology Roundup

October Hearing News & Technology Roundup

In our ongoing mission to keep you up-to-date on hearing health, tech and wellness news, we’ve gathered together some links to recent relevant stories, reports and findings.

Siri’s iOS 15 Transparency Mode Hiccup

Many of us now rely on Siri to obey our every wish and command, but the late September release of iOS 15 introduced a problem for AirPods Pro users. Apple is renowned for its AirPods’ excellent noise-canceling capabilities, but there are times you need to hear what’s going on around you, which is the purpose of Transparency Mode. Ordinarily, you can ask Siri to turn off Noise Cancellation, but now she tells you she can’t. Read about how to manually turn on Transparency Mode and when we can expect a fix to the problem.

Noopl + AirPods Pro Bundle Available on Amazon 

Apple introduced its third-generation AirPods last week, with a new version of AirPods Pro rumored to be on its way. The current generation of AirPods Pro is now available at a price that is likely as low as it’ll go.

Noopl is also newly available on Amazon and can be bundled with AirPods Pro. The pair makes a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who’s struggling with hearing loss.

Noise Has Impacts on Our Overall Health

We all know that loud noise can do physical damage to our ears and hearing, but we think less often about how environmental noise affects our overall health and wellbeing. Mathias Basner researches the effects of noise on sleep, health, neurobehavioral and cognitive functions and more. In this TED Talk, he explains many of the hidden or lesser-known effects of loud noise on our health. “Noise is stress,” he says, “particularly if we have little or no control over it.”

Apple’s Rumored Plans for More Health + Wellness Features

While headphones and earbuds cannot yet be classified or marketed as hearing aids, Apple has introduced several hearing-forward features, including Conversation Boost (which doesn’t work nearly as well for cutting out noise as Noopl, FYI!). It is rumored to be testing and planning for various other health and wellness features, including a thermometer and posture-correcting indicator.

Watch this space for more hearing health and wellness information as it comes in!

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