National Protect Your Hearing Month

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month

As modern society becomes increasingly dependent on tech devices for our news, work and entertainment, the incidence of hearing loss is increasing. We are more and more reliant on our headphones and earbuds, which, in turn, are getting better at canceling noise and delivering sound directly into our ears. While this means that hearing loss is becoming more common and among younger people, it is also the case that those same earbuds and headphones are now being employed for hearing assistance.

In honor of National Protect Your Hearing Month, we want to point you to some helpful tips and information we’ve gathered previously about how to protect your hearing, and what you can do if you’ve already sustained some hearing loss.

Why is Hearing Loss Becoming More Common?

The world is actually getting louder and we are also increasingly directing sound into in our middle and inner ears by ways of our listening devices.

Why Hearing Loss is No Longer Just an “Old People” Problem

Noise Levels in Restaurants Are Increasing

How Can I Protect My Hearing?

Mitigating exposure to and effects of loud noise is the most direct and important way to protect your hearing, as is keeping in touch with your doctor about any early signs of hearing loss:

Ear Hearing and Safety

Cardiovascular Health and Hearing

What Should I Do If I Suspect I Have Hearing Loss?

It is critical to get on top of any suspected hearing loss right away, since letting it go untreated can make it worse. Your family doctor can refer you to specialists who will diagnose and treat it.

When to Get Your Hearing Checked

The Hearing Loss Journey

Noopl is committed to providing both information and solutions to the many people struggling with hearing loss. Keep an eye on our Amplified Living series for hearing news and hearing-assistance updates!

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