Vern Seward

Vernon Seward's Noopl Story

Retired defense contractor systems analyst and Peace Corps volunteer Vern Seward gave a glowing review of Noopl in a feature on the Black News Channel in October. “In restaurants, big meetings, and other situations where there’s not a lot of loud music in the background, Noopl is perfect,” he said. “I hear 80-90% of what’s being said and feel confident in responding to the conversation.” We tracked him down to see if he might say a bit more about when and where he uses Noopl and how it’s working for him.

How did hearing loss impact your life before you discovered Noopl?

Like most people, my hearing loss was gradual but resulted from a genetic condition that produced an odd hearing spectrum. Whereas most age-related hearing loss happens in the upper frequencies (10,000 Hz and above), my hearing loss started in the lower frequencies, below 6,000 Hz, and then over time, started dropping off above 12,000 Hz.[1] My hearing spectrum looked like someone took a bite out of it in the middle frequencies. The hearing loss was hardly noticeable at first, but that gradually changed as it became harder for me to understand what was being said in conversations, especially in noisy places.

Can you talk about the environments and places where you use Noopl?

I use Noopl whenever I go out to eat with friends, and any place I know will have a lot of background noise. In situations where it’s just me and one other person, or where the ambient noise level is normal, then my hearing aids are fine. The difference is that Noopl isolates voice better in noisy environments.

Are you using Noopl with MFi hearing aids, Beats Fit Pro, or AirPods Pro?

AirPods Pro

How does Noopl improve your connections with others?

Being able to understand what’s being said and responding appropriately and in a timely manner certainly does improve my social connectivity. There is an inherent toll taken any time you struggle to keep up with an active conversation. You can feel isolated, inadequate, even stupid. That, in turn, makes you more comfortable NOT being in social situations, thus leading to further isolation.

We are grateful to Vern for sharing his story. For any questions about how Noopl works and whether it might be right for you, contact our head of customer service Paul Burchfield on our Help Center page.

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[1] Normal human hearing frequency range is between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Low-frequency hearing loss is a relatively rare condition.

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