6 Tips for Living Big with Hearing Challenges or Loss

Our five senses bring depth to our experience of the world around us. Having even one of them diminished can compromise the richness of our relationship to the physical world, in addition to impacting our relationships with friends, family and colleagues. The good news is that advancements in technology and treatment mean that living with hearing loss is no longer the sentence to silence that it used to be. With the right tricks and tools you'll be back to enjoying the sound of the wind, listening to music, and fully participating in conversation the way you used to. 

Those who struggle to hear can easily feel left out, ignored and unimportant, which prevents them from taking on new challenges and living life to the fullest. We've put together a little list of inspirational tips and reminders that living with hearing loss is common and completely manageable:

  1. “If you think you can or can’t, you’re right” – Big-time inventor Henry Ford had to leave school after 8th grade in order to work, but he went on to a bright and successful future thanks to his can-do attitude. On days when living with hearing loss feels overwhelming, remember that some of our biggest national success stories came from difficult or disadvantaged circumstances. Some might argue that having to overcome challenges strengthened their characters and set them up them up to succeed.
  2. Make One Small Step and Get Excited – A big life, anyone will tell you, is made up of small steps that individually excite you. Taking on the challenges and marking the small successes of living with hearing loss one-by-one makes the whole scenario a lot less daunting. Rather than looking at the big picture and trying to tackle it all at once, make a list and work toward talking to your doctor, finding an audiologist, discovering quieter restaurants and public places in which to meet friends and clients, and finding the tools you need to enhance your hearing.
  3. Find Tools to Improve Your Hearing – Now that we're all living longer, healthier lives and hearing loss is so common, advancements in hearing-loss technologies and tools are taking off. Hearing aids have gotten smaller and better, and Noopl’s use of AirPods Pro means that no one even needs to know that you are using a hearing-advancement device. 
  4. Set Your Goals for One Year – Experts say that setting down your goals is often the best way to ensure that you achieve them. Take a few minutes to imagine the big, amplified life you'd like to be living one year from now. Have you always meant to read War and Peace? Want to wrap up a big multi-year work project or ride in a hot air balloon? It's important to not only take care of the practical considerations of living with hearing loss, but also to focus on the living by setting goals that you will tackle in spite of your hearing challenges. 
  5. Invite Your People to Join or Support You  – It's a rule of thumb that having a partner in life's struggles makes managing them all the easier. So many of us are living with hearing loss these days, there's no need to keep it on the down-low. Find a Facebook Group for those with hearing challenges, or start one yourself. Help raise money for hearing-related causes and get your friends and family to donate. 
  6. Don’t Be Afraid – Whether you're more inspired by blasting Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" or quoting FDR’s famous line echoed by John F. Kennedy, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” get pumped to tackle your hearing-loss challenges. Living with hearing loss won't prevent you from taking a painting class, skydiving, riding your bike 100 miles, starting a business or hosting a family reunion. Taking it in stride and also one thing at a time will allow you to accomplish your goals with minimal inconvenience or disruption from diminished hearing.  


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