Hearing and Holiday Work Events

One upside of the pandemic for those of us with hearing loss was the break from noisy work events, including company meetings, conference room birthday parties, and holiday celebrations. But people are trickling back to the office and the whole world is ready to make some noise for the holidays this year, so now is the time to prepare.

We’ve put together a list of tips for returning to the office and coping with the inevitable office holiday party, and—surprise, surprise—they all feature Noopl. Designed to reduce background noise and focus on individual voices as your turn your head, Noopl is a party lifesaver for anyone coping with mild to moderate hearing loss, whether they are not yet ready for hearing aids or still have difficulty hearing in noise with their MFi hearing aids. And since they work with your existing iPods Pro, Beats Fit Pro or MFi hearing aids, they won’t mess with your festive outfit.

Even if your office isn’t quite yet back in full swing, we hope you’ll file these tips away for next year or repurpose them, as needed, in order to ensure you are always set up to fully participate in the conversation!

  • Is the office party at a noisy bar, or—much worse—is there a karaoke machine? Make sure you have your Noopl in order to hear over your boss’s rendition of Santa Baby.
  • Got a year-end stockholder’s meeting to assess the prospects for the year ahead? Bring your Noopl so you’re sure to catch every word and respond appropriately.
  • Want to join your colleagues congregating around the bowls of candy canes and chocolate coins at the reception desk, but worried you won’t be able to hear well enough to join in the banter? Grab your Noopl before you head over and join in.
  • Secret Santa gift exchange getting a little rowdy? Turn on your Noopl before you unload those hideous socks on your colleague in order to make sure hear his reaction.
  • Are you on the party committee this year, meaning you have to toss out ideas around a conference table? Noopl will make sure that you hear everyone’s voice, just by turning your head.
  • Got a friend or colleague who confided in you that he has difficulty hearing in the office but isn’t ready to let everyone know? Noopl makes a great gift for anyone who has a hard time hearing through noise, and is much less expensive than hearing aids.
  • Are you up for a year-end raise or promotion but worried about hearing what your boss has to say in your favor? Be sure to have your Noopl with you so you don’t miss a word.

We’ve got the holidays on our minds, of course, but after New Year’s rolls through, Noopl will prove indispensable for business and social occasions all year-round. With bass and treble controls and the ability to set your listening beam to wide, narrow or "omni" mode for hearing on all sides, Noopl is highly adaptable to most people's hearing needs and preferences.

We have a series of holiday savings lined up through the end of the year, so there's no time like the present (and no better holiday present for loved ones with hearing loss).

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