Hearing and the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and after last year’s pared-back holiday occasions, we are ready to celebrate! With its numerous parties, dinners, and gatherings with friends and family, the holiday season can present challenges for those with hearing loss, however, and Noopl is here to help. We’ve jump-started our Black Friday Sale in plenty of time for Thanksgiving so that no one misses a moment at this year’s turkey dinner. And once the cranberry sauce is cleared away, Noopl will prove an indispensable tool at holiday office parties and family gatherings as the season of celebration continues.

It is well-documented that hearing loss can cause anxiety and social isolation. It is also a counterintuitive but well-known phenomenon that hearing aids are ineffective in noisy environments because they amplify all noise—people with hearing aids often turn off or take out their hearing aids in restaurants. Noopl was designed to solve this problem, working with AirPods Pro, Beats Fit Pro and MFi (Made for iPhone) hearing aids to allow users to hear and participate in conversation by both reducing background noise and focusing on individual speaker’s voices as the user turns their head.

Much less costly than hearing aids, Noopl makes a great gift for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss who is not yet ready for hearing aids. It is also ideal for those who already use MFi hearing aids, providing an extra layer of hearing assistance for social occasions and noisy restaurants. We will be offering a series of promotions leading up to the holidays in hopes that Noopl’s directional hearing capabilities will help those with hearing loss to stay connected with loved ones through the season. And Thanksgiving presents a perfect first opportunity to put it to use!

For more inspired gifting ideas, check out our Early Shoppers Gift Guide. Finally, while there’s been a lot of talk about the ongoing supply chain problems, we have plenty of Noopl in stock, so no need to worry about backorders or hold-ups. We are excited to help people reconnect during what’s promising to be an extra celebratory season this year. Cheers!

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