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Martha Baker's Noopl Story

Noopl user Martha Baker recently left us a grateful review saying, “Very, very pleased with my Noopl 2.0. It has made a very happy change in my life to be able to hear more. Sometimes I just cannot believe the difference.” We reached out to learn more about her experience, and she wrote:

I was born with nerve damage that affects my hearing and other things. I always had a hard time hearing in school and around people. One day I was looking up info about how to get hearing aids to stay in my ears since I have small ears. I saw a video on YouTube about Noopl so decided to watch and listen. I was very impressed and took time to think about it. I decided to get it and when it arrived, I was excited and hoping it would work for me. I opened it and connected it to my iPhone. My other half was going through papers and I said to myself, “What am I hearing?” Then I looked at him and he started talking, which is when I realized I was hearing him and what he was doing. I could not believe it.

I had the original Noopl 1.0 and then they sent me the upgraded Noopl 2.0 and I just cannot believe the difference in my hearing and how much better and happy I am. I get out with a friend and we meet and visit. Having Noopl has just made this 74-year-old lady happier. It is truly a great blessing in my life and I do not take it for granted. There are not words to describe my feelings.

Your company and your head of customer service, Paul, have been truly great and helpful, and patient with me.  

Continue your work in helping others to hear.

A Very Happy Martha Baker"


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