Noopl Racking Up Rave Reviews

Noopl has been making waves in the news lately, and we wanted to round up a few of our favorite recent reviews and interviews, all of which are remarkably informative. We are encouraged by the ease with which our users and reviewers are able to understand and navigate Noopl's features!  

Feature on Noopl by Black News Channel’s In the Black

Vernon Seward, a retired defense contractor systems analyst and a happy Noopl customer, says, “In restaurants, big meetings, and other situations where’s a lot of loud music in the background, Noopl is perfect…I hear 80-90% of what’s being said and feel confident in responding to the conversation.” The video also features Noopl CEO Tim Trine explaining directional focus and how Noopl focuses on a voice when you turn your head toward it.

Interview with Noopl CEO Tim Trine at This Week in Hearing

Following Noopl’s recent big win of Hearing Health Matters’ Innovator of the Year Award, CEO Tim Trine is interviewed by Dave Kemp on the This Week in Hearing podcast (and shows off his trophy!). Listen to them discuss Tim’s career, the Noopl development process, and how the wearable hearing tech market is growing and changing.

Review of Noopl by Matthew Allsop at Hearing Tracker

Watch as host Matthew Allsop expresses amazement at how well Noopl works at hearing through noise. Our favorite quote: "So, the big question is, does it work? Yes!"  Allsop also does a great job of explaining how useful and affordable a tool Noopl is for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who aren’t yet ready for hearing aids.

Fred Fishkin Interviews Paul Burchfield on Techstination

Head of Customer Service Paul Burchfield explains what Noopl is and how it works, including with a useful analogy: “Sometimes I think about it like a flashlight: often flashlights allow you direct that beam somewhere and then you can make the beam wider or more narrow just depending on what you want to illuminate. Noopl is able to do that same thing.” Listen as they really get into Noopl’s customizable features.

Noopl Unboxing Video Featured on the Geek Church Blog

Writer and blogger Techno_Mark highlights the simplicity of using Noopl to "hear sound a lot more clearer than you would have without it" on the Geek Church YouTube channel. Watch the video to hear his thoughts as he unboxes Noopl 2.0.

Of course, one of our biggest pieces of news was announced just last week, which is that we’ve confirmed that Noopl works perfectly with the new Beats Fit Pro, in addition to AirPods Pro, so keep an eye out for more news on that as Noopl continues to grow. Thank you for listening and we’ll keep you posted!

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