Noopl Wins Innovator of the Year Award

We are overjoyed to announce that an international panel of judges has awarded Noopl the coveted INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD from Hearing Health & Technology Matters. We also picked up an excellence award in the Personal Listening Device category, and got some great boosts, including from renowned hearing education platform Audiology Online. We are so grateful to our customers and believers and champions for helping us to get the word out about Noopl, and we can’t wait to share what’s next as we continue to grow and change lives.

When we launched Noopl in May 2021, we knew our groundbreaking device was capable of helping the hundreds of millions struggling with hearing loss world-wide to reengage with family, colleagues and friends, but we had no idea how much traction we’d get in only our first six months. The outpouring of praise for Noopl’s ability to reduce background noise and facilitate conversation has been remarkable and heartwarming. Our goal, too, of keeping Noopl accessible and affordable has proved sustainable, thanks to the existing AirPods Pro technologies we are able to harness and build on. Hearing aids are prohibitively expensive for many people, and we believe that hearing assistance should be available to everyone.

In our continuing effort to spread the word and get Noopl in the hands of those who need it, we will be celebrating the holiday season with a series of special offers in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our website and social media for announcements. Noopl makes a great and life-changing gift for anyone with hearing loss who struggles to hear in noisy environments. We have plenty of stock, so no need to worry about supply chain shortages and shipping delays. Also, check out our Gift Guide with some other of our favorite gifts this season.

Thank you, Noopl fans and customers, for taking a chance on us! We are looking forward to a joyful holiday season and a bright 2022 as we continue to get those with hearing loss back to their lives and loved ones.

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