Skip Gregory’s Noopl Story

Architect and health facility design consultant Skip Gregory gratefully told us he’d spent 10 years and a lot of money trying to find a working solution for his single-sided hearing loss before he found Noopl. We reached out to learn more about his experience:

How did hearing loss impact your life before you discovered Noopl?

I lost my hearing in my right ear about 10-15 years ago. Since that time, I have had a difficult time hearing conversation in a noisy environment. I have purchased several different hearing aids specially designed for single-sided deafness (SSD), but the noise of the room still occupies the one good cochleae…in other words, they don’t work in noisy environments because I still have only one processor for two ears, which results in what is termed “clash.” 

Can you talk about the environments or places where you use Noopl?

Once I got the Noopl and the AirPods Pro and upgraded my iPhone operating system to iOS 15 (so I could permanently use the noise cancellation feature for a single ear), I started using it at large conference room meetings. I simply place the Noopl on the table and I can switch my listening between whoever’s speaking. I also have tried it in restaurants with improved results over any kind of hearing aid. However, the best place I have been able to use it is in the car. When I’m the driver and there are other passengers, I cannot hear any of the conversation due to the road noise in my left ear. When I use the Noopl and point it to the right, I am able to hear the passenger on my right, and even the people in the back seat. I can now take part in conversations while I am driving.

Skip Gregory on recent road tripphoto credit: Skip Gregory

Are you using Noopl with MFi hearing aids or AirPods Pro? 

 I use the Noopl with the Air Pods Pro only in my left ear.

How does Noopl improve your connections with others?

I can now interact with other people at the table or in the car. It is interesting, but when someone is telling a story or a joke, he or she always drops his or her voice at the punch line and I never catch it. Now I have a better chance. I have also found that lots and lots of people who you might think are hearing everyone just fine are faking it, too. Now they even ask me what was being said!

Have you tried other hearing assistance devices? How does Noopl compare to those?

I have tried SSD hearing devices that transmit the sounds on my right side to a hearing aid in my left ear. I have tried both the bone vibration type and the wireless type of hearing aid. The problem is, they are just adding more information into a single cochleae and it cannot process the words over the noise. With Noopl and the AirPods Pro, I can quiet the ambient sounds and then pick up the directional mic sounds from the Noopl.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience using Noopl?

The Noopl is not a substitute for two good ears that are processing all audio information, but it greatly improves my chances at hearing people’s speech more clearly. I just spent three days in the car with my sister on a long trip across four states. She is a good conversationalist and we talked a lot about our childhood and how we saw things so differently growing up. Because I was doing almost all of the driving, I would not have been able to hear her at all if I had not had the Noopl. As a result, we grew closer to each other than we had been before, just because we had so much time to talk about things we had never spoken of before. So, thanks to Noopl, I now have a more fulfilled relationship with my sister. 

Skip Gregory and sister on tripphoto credit: Skip Gregory

We are grateful to Skip for sharing his story. For any questions about how Noopl works and whether it might be right for you, contact our head of customer service Paul Burchfield on our Help Center page.

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