Father's Day

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

No matter what form they come in, every father and father figure is unique and special. It’s the way he laughs. His “special” brand of advice. The one who could make monsters disappear with a command. A voice of wisdom to help guide us through life.  

So, this year, Noopl has selected some of our favorite items for all the dads in our lives. 

1. He loves going to the games, but never seems to be prepared when the weather dips. The Pocket Blanket is easy to pack and ensures that good ‘ol Dad stays warm to enjoy the game, campfire, fishing and more. UncommonGoods.com, $30.00.   

The Pocket Blanket

2. Speaking of the big game. Dad deserves to enjoy it in comfort. This Portable Reclining Stadium Seat folds up to be easily carried like a backpack and is complete with
high-density foam cushioning, and six different backrest positions. He’ll be the envy of every fan. SharperImage.com, $89.99.


Portable Reclining Stadium Seat

3. There is nothing worse than broken glasses to ruin a guy’s day. This Liquid Plastic Welder will tie Dad over until he can get to the eye doctor. It works to bond, fill in or even build plastic, metal and wood parts and sets with a special UV light. The best part is that it also works on jewelry like metal watch bands. Keep it in the car for an emergency. TheGrommet.com $22.95. 

Liquid Plastic Welder


4. Help Dad keep time with a one-of-a-kind hand-carved wooden watch with a personalized engraving that will always remind him of you. Perfect for a father who is a minimalist but likes to be stylish. Etsy.com, $49.56.

Hand-carved Wooden Watch

5. This summer Dad will love showing off his favorite new BBQ tool, the Meater. This meat thermometer has a built-in Bluetooth repeater in the charger that extends the wireless range up to 165 ft. For novices, the Guided Cook System walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results. An Advanced Estimator Algorithm estimates how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time. And you can watch it all on your phone. Meater.com, $99.00.

Meater Bluetooth meat thermometer

6. To accompany the Meater meat thermometer, Dad will love the Best of Porter Road Box. This curated box is meant to give you a sample of all things Porter Road. This box includes 2 dry aged steaks*, 2 pork chops, 2 lbs. of dry aged ground beef, 1 lb. of bacon, 1 lb. of country sausage, and 1 lb. of chorizo sausage. It’s sure to make a great Father’s Day spent outside. PorterRoad.com, $100.00.

Best of Porter Road Box

7. Forget about printing photos for Dad or finding a perfect picture frame. Share photos and video of special moments and events via email or phone app with the Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Digital Picture Frame. Surprise them with new photos and videos of the kids or your recent family trip. This one is sure to bring smiles every day. Various sizes available. Amazon.com, starts at $159.99. 

Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Digital Picture Frame

8. What’s more manly than pouring your beloved whiskey out of a barrel? How about pouring it out of a wood log? For the rustic father who has it all, the Liquor Log Booze Dispenser is entertaining, fun and truly unique. Throw in a bottle of Dad’s favorite liquor and it’s the perfect gift that will keep giving. OddityMall.com, $129.00. 

Liquor Log Booze Dispenser

9. The perfect slippers for the perfect father. Hanes Men’s Moccasin Slipper with Memory Foam with an Indoor/Outdoor Sole are Amazon fan favorites at a price that is pleasing to every budget. He may even forget that he has them on when he goes to the store. Available in seven colors. Amazon.com, starting at $23.27.
Hanes Men’s Moccasin Slipper with Memory Foam

10. Finally, we have to add a shameless plug because Noopl is truly one of the most unique iPhone accessories that will help Dad hear more clearly at large family events, dinners out and more. Dad will be able to participate in conversations and there won’t be any need for you to repeat yourself. Pair it with AirPods Pro and give him the full experience of Noopl. Noopl.com, $199.00; AirPods Pro at Amazon.com, starting at $168.00. 

 Noopl MFi IPhone device to hear more clearly AirPods Pro and works with Noopl to provide directional hearing









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