What’s in a Name? For Noopl, a Lot.

A mash-up of the words "new" and "places," Noopl was originally conceived as a smartphone app related to dining at new restaurants. Over time, our gears shifted toward a different need we identified in the market, and by lucky accident, Noopl remained an ideal name for the unique iPhone hearing device we developed. 

It is common for those with hearing loss to withdraw from their relationships because they can't keep up with banter and conversation. But with many of us living longer, healthier lives, hearing loss is becoming much more common, and new tools and technologies to treat or manage it are quickly becoming available. Noopl is a discrete device that works with your iPhone and AirPods Pro to amplify select voices in a noisy environment simply by turning your head. By filtering out the ambient noise that prevents clear hearing, Noopl draws those with hearing loss back up to the table, where they can fully participate in their work, social and family lives.

For many, the experience of hearing more clearly feels like discovering favorite places and important relationships all over again. 

It’s kind of like,

  • Opening a gift that you forgot you asked for
  • Running into a close friend you haven’t seen in a while 
  • Walking into a surprise party…for you
  • Riding a roller coaster for the first time and realizing you like it
  • Trying a new cuisine only to discover that it’s truly delicious 
  • Taking a wrong turn and stumbling across a beautiful landscape

Get the idea? Hearing clearly and remembering what it feels like to fully participate in the world is surprising, delightful and exciting! 

Not only is Noopl a highly researched and meticulously developed technology, but it is also a remarkably affordable one. From meetings to social gatherings to family reunions, we want to amplify your life and make sure you never miss another moment.

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